In 1961 a talented group of young men arrived in New York to record at Music Makers Studios on W. 57th Street. The rest is history. The Imaginations, with lead vocalist Frank M. recorded several original tunes which hit the charts. “Hey You”, “Never Let You Go”, “The Search Is Over” and “Goodbye Baby”, the boys were off and running with the most free-form-Doo-Wop sound ever heard. Instrumentation include King Curtis, on Sax and Mickey Baker on guitar. Their music was played in New York, Philadelphia, Washington and Baltimore. They became regulars at Palisades Park and on Murray the K’s show as “Hey You” and their new release “Guardian Angel” began making its way across the country.

Today you can hear Mr. Frank M. re-create those memorable sounds of Doo-Wop with his signature “high notes” and beautiful lead vocals just as he did back in the 50’s and 60’s. The legendary sounds of THE IMAGINATIONS performing the music that makes you smile.

The Imaginations are…..

Frank M. – Was born in Brooklyn, NY. The original lead singer of the Imaginations, touring the country performing their hits “Guardian Angel”, “Mystery Of You”, “Goodnight Baby”, “The Search Is Over”, “Hey You” and many more. Later Frank was one of the original Doo-Wop performing locally, nationally and internationally.

Walter H. – Was born in Brooklyn and moved to Florida in 1961 where he began singing in some of Miami’s most notable hotels. In 1980 he joined Reunion as lead singer playing local venues and Rock and Roll shows throughout the state and Bahamas. In 2004 Reunion recorded the CD “Miracles”. In 1999 Walter had the pleasure of recording vocal tracks for Dion DiMucci’s “Deju Vu”.

Tommy M. – Was born in the Bronx, NY. After serving in the Navy, Tom moved to Florida where he was nicknamed “The Doo-Wop Cop”. He sang and toured with Dion and performed locally with his group Legacy.

Carmine D. – Was born in Brooklyn, NY and was one of the original members of the Creations and Riffs recording “Little Girl” and “Why Are The Nights Cold”. in the 1970’s he sang with a local NY group the Ribetones. In 1980 he moved to Florida and joined with Joel Bressler to form Reunion, The South Florida Premier Rock-n-Roll Show Band.