Orquesta Calle Sol is a Miami-based 11-piece band that presents a joyful tribute to the “Golden Years” of salsa: the 70’s and 80’s.
The group was formed in 2013 by musicians Raúl Fiestas and Julio Llerena, who shared a deep admiration for salsa legends like Héctor Lavoe, Willie Colón, Rubén Blades, Ismael Rivera, El Gran Combo, and others. After playing for many different bands they decided to create their own ensemble with classic salsa songs as the main repertoire.

The band was named Calle Sol, and just like in those early records by Lavoe and Colón, it would have a brass section of only trombones. Singers and musicians from different countries came along, and soon after they were playing in Miami and having a ball on stage!
Having fun was one of the band’s goals from the get-go – and audiences can still feel that vibe! Bringing back the classic salsa songs proved to fit an audience avid to listen to that music live.

Calle Sol has played events, festivals, and parties at venues all over South Florida, includ-ing Miami’s hottest and newest clubs.


Agúzate – Richie Ray & Bobby Cruz
Aguanile – Willie Colón & Héctor Lavoe
Ajiaco Caliente – Eddie Palmieri
Apaga La Luz – Willie Colón & Celia Cruz
Baila Con Calle Sol – Orquesta Calle Sol
Busca Lo Tuyo – Eddie Palmieri
Cachondea – Fruko y sus Tesos
Calle Luna, Calle Sol – Willie Colón & Héctor Lavoe
Conmigo – Eddie Palmieri
Dos Jueyes – Celia Cruz & Willie Colón
El Ratón – Fania All-Stars
Elena Elena – Manny Oquendo
Ganas – Rubén Blades
Idilio – Willie Colón
Írimo – Dimensión Latina
Juana Peña – Willie Colón & Héctor Lavoe
Juanito Alimaña – Héctor Lavoe
La Banda – Héctor Lavoe & Willie Colón
La Escencia Del Guaguanco – Justo Betancourt
La Muerte – El Gran Combo
La Rueda – Frankie Ruiz
Ligia Elena – Rubén Blades
Lluvia Con Nieve – Mon Rivera
Maruquita – Tito Allen
Muñeca – Eddie Palmieri
Nací Moreno – Sonora Ponceña
Nadie Se Salva De La Rumba – Ray Barreto & Celia Cruz
No Me Digan Que es Muy Tarde – Willie Colón & Ismael Miranda
Ojos Chinos – El Gran Combo de Puerto Rico
Oye Cómo Va – Tito Puente
Pa’ Bravo Yo – Justo Betancourt
Palo Pa’ Rumba – Eddie Palmieri
Parampampán – Dimension Latina
Patrona de los Reclusos – Latin Brothers
Pedro Navaja – Rubén Blades
Piraña – Willie Colón
Préstame tu Mujer – Ray Barreto
Qué Humanidad – Conjunto Libre
Señor Sereno – Larry Harlow
Señora Lola – Willie Colón & Héctor Lavoe
Te Están Buscando – Rubén Blades
Te Hice Mujer – Dimensión Latina
Timbalero – Héctor Lavoe & Willie Colón
Todo Tiene Su Final – Willie Colón & Héctor Lavoe
Triste y Vacía – Héctor Lavoe
Trucutú – Tommy Olivencia
Usted Abusó – Willie Colón & Celia Cruz
Vamos A Reír Un Poco – Héctor Lavoe
Viajera – Tommy Olivencia & Frankie Ruiz
Yo Puedo Vivir Del Amor – Rubén Blades