Whitestone is made up of 5 guys who are dedicated to bring the music of the past alive. Performing songs with the feel of being back in the days of your youth. Our members include….

Tony – Bass player and lead vocalist. He has been a member since 1996. His career has spanned over 30 years, performing in local groups in the West Palm Beach area. He has a high vocal range, which allows him to sing Frankie Valli and the Bee Gee’s with ease.

Frank M. – Frank’s career began in 1960 with the success of the Imagination’s hit “Guardian Angle”. A Brooklyn native, he has appeared on PBS’s Doopwop with the Legends Of Doowop in 1999, and has continued to sing lead vocals with a unique style reminiscent of the great singers of the 50’s

Joe – Joe is the youngest of the group and comes from a musical family of singers and musicians influencing his wide range of styles in singing and playing his guitar through a synthesizer, replicating keyboards, strings and horns with a remarkable accuracy. He is a native of Long Island, and a guidance counselor in Wellington.

Jeff – The newest member of the group. Jeff brings a drumming and vocal style which gives the group the ability to perform Springsteen, Mellencamp and the music of the 80’s. Originally from Jackson Heights, New York. He is currently a drum teacher at a local music store.

Frank L. – A native of Long Island, and brother of Joe, he has performed with virtually everyone of the pioneers of Rock and Roll including Chuck Berry, Bo Diddley, The 5 Satins, Shirelles and more, As the driving force of the group, he is dedicated in bringing the music of our youth alive, and keeping our many fans happy and singing along to their music and reliving their memories.